What is local Search Marketing SEO

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By NICK Walsh

What is Local Search Marketing SEO?

Local Search Marketing is a very important part of SEO for small and medium businesses and in Swansea SEO services are available.

Local Search Marketing takes place on the web (Web Design is available in Swansea),  and is used to sell and promote the products and services offered by your business in a physical space while interacting with customers.

Small businesses such as: restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, dentists and doctors

rely on Local Search Marketing SEO.

It is also important to persons who use their mobile smart devices to engage in online shopping for local products and services, such as your customers, vendors, and business partners, to know your location, which reinforcers the need for  Local Search and these seo searches can be done in SEO Swansea.

Local Search Marketing includes:

elimination of duplicate listings

Increased Local SEO searches

promotes Local listings

manages reviews

verifies Local listings

having your business placed on other     local directories. 

Google is the largest search engine with Google Local Listings Optimization. Here is is a listing of various types of Local Search and Search Sites in Swansea:

Business Directories – Info USA & Info Group

Local Directories – City Search

Search Engine Maps – Google, Bing & Yahoo

Review Sites – Urban Spoon, Zagat & Yelp

Yellow Pages Directories – Insider Pages & Superpagesi

To have competitive advantage businesses in Swansea must take the initiative to invest in Local Search. Local SEO searches  are available in Swansea which allows business owners to access critical information needed for your company to thrive and survive. In order for your business to thrive it mUST be a part of Your Google My Business Listing. In order for your business to be represented on Your Google My Business Listing you must be in compliance with Guidelines for representing Your Business on Google. Should in case you breach the Guidelines then your ranking will fall and you will be delisted.

Local Search Marketing SEO’s must accept terms that govern their businesses in the cities where they are.

NAP consistency is vital to the survival of any business. NAP is the acronym for, name, address, phone number. NAP+W as it is sometimes written,  the ‘W’ representing website URL. NAP inconsistencies accounts for duplication of local listing which can result in the loss of customers and the failure of your business.

To avoid NAP+W inconsistencies businesses should have an audit done across all platforms where your business is listed or mentioned.

Local Search Marketing SEO commands ongoing management. It requires resources and your time in order to be competitive in relation to the services and products you offer and also, your location.

Web design and SEO services are available in Swansea and for further information please contact us at:Nick Walsh Studios