Website Planning Process

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Website Planning Process

Your website is your portal to the world, the place where you welcome guests. Whether it is the place where you intend to make sales or provide valuable information, there is clearly a purpose in having a website. Therefore, it makes sense to take the process seriously and the website planning process is vital in achieving your website aims.

Be in control of the website planning process

Planning a website may seem dull but failing to properly plan a website increases the likelihood of failing in your objectives. In planning your site, you should consider:

  • What do you want to achieve with your website?

  • Who is most likely to use the website and what do they want from you?

  • What is your brand, your message and what do you aim to convey to your audience?

  • How can you utilise SEO, content layout and design to please search engines but also meet the needs of your audience?

The website planning process must find a balance between pleasing search engines and pleasing your audience. If you create a site that is loved by search engines but is unintelligible to readers, you won’t make sales or conversions. If you create a site that search engines don’t rank, it becomes harder for your audience to find and connect with you.

However, bear in mind that search engine algorithms are becoming more intuitive and what helps the reader is becoming more attractive to search engines. Therefore, the website planning process should focus on providing the best user experience possible.

Web design matters when planning a website

Web design is a critical component of the web planning process. Style and taste may be a personal matter for many people but simple navigation, sensible linking and clarity all impact on how a website operates, and these are achieved through the design process.

It is important to have an idea and an overview of your site and what you want to achieve at the start of the website planning process. The site design and the content are both critical in ranking highly and converting customers, so they cannot be an afterthought. In fact, when you design a site with both these elements in mind, you increase your chances of creating a website that meets the needs of your clients.

Website planning helps persuade people to take action

And this is an important aspect of the website planning process. Yes, your brand and message are important, but you are welcoming people to your site. You want people to take action on your website and you want people to recommend your site to other people. You need to ensure that your website is designed with these people in mind, making it as easy as possible to give people what they want, both in finding a suitable site and then in taking action when they land on your website.

This may seem like a daunting task, but help is available when it comes to website design. Your company is unique, and it is likely that you want a website that represents you, not which presents a facsimile of so many other sites. Therefore, the website planning process is crucial, so take your time and be confident in what you are about to deliver.