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What You Can Expect from the 2019 Website Design Trends

Web design changes as preferences of online users change. What used to be a popular layout could be the least popular the next year.

Even the content management systems change their features. So why not the online representation of a business? The face fronting the CMS will need an overhaul at one point or another as well.

So, what are the website design trends this 2019?

2019 Trends in Website Design

  • Non-standard design

A growing popular trend is a visual randomness where blocks of information and images are placed in unusual areas. But because your target audience will read information from left to right, the most essential information should be placed on the website’s left side.

With easily customisable WordPress website design, achieving this trend without sacrificing your corporate style is more than possible.

  • Full-screen video

The brain is programmed to better retain visual content than text. This means it loves to watch a video more than to read. Studies showed that the average viewer remembers a message 95% more when they’re watching it than reading it.

So it makes good sense to use full-screen videos on a website. To reach their full potential, use videos to tell a story about your business.

You should also ensure that load speed is not affected to guarantee conversion. Hire a web design South Wales company that takes into consideration load speed and its influence on conversion.

  • Geometric shapes

This is not exactly a new trend but has remained a popular website design idea since it appeared around 2016. Geometric shapes that are skilfully designed have been known to surprise users. Many of them are also drawn to websites with geometric shapes.

So the next time you think about how to refresh an existing website, add geometric shapes. Using WordPress is the easiest way to go about it because its customisation potential.

  • Cinemagraphs

These static pictures with a single dynamic element will replace boring GIF animation in website design. Unlike GIFs, cinemagraphs allow you to tell a story in an engaging way.

A website for a taxi service, for example, can take advantage of a static composition featuring the outside of a window where a taxi passes by.

Cinemagraphs can be combined with habitual animation and 3D graphics.

  • Bright colour palette

Combined with a well-developed flat design, bright colours make a website more visually expensive.

To make a website more unique and fresher, gradients should be used. But because gradient is a complex element, it is best to work with someone who has experience using gradient professionally. Inept use of it can throw the whole design off.

  • Unique fonts

This is a growing trend in the web design industry, where minimalist design is enhanced with the use of unique fonts. This idea works best for a website that lacks visual accents. A simple change in fonts can revamp its overall appeal.

The trends for fonts in 2019 are complex fonts, Serif fonts, and variational fonts that use letters in variable sizes. Studies showed that users are attracted to letters that gradually increase and decrease.

With these trends, your website doesn’t have to be boring. Add plug-ins to increase functionality and it will be more engaging.

Looking for a web designer in South Wales to help make your site trendy? Get in touch with Nick Walsh Studios.