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How to Choose the Right Website Design for Your Kind of Business

Businesses these days must have a website to help establish their online presence and increase their target reach and revenue. This is especially vital for companies with a target audience who spends most of their time online.

But deciding on the right web design needs careful planning and key decisions that need to be made. The number of providers of web design South Wales market offers alone will need some research.

You can’t settle with the first website design company in South Wales without due diligence and without an idea of the kind of website your business needs.

To choose the right design for your website:

List down top features and functionalities

  • Brand. List adjectives that best describe your brand, so you’ll know what kind of brand you want to build.

  • Purpose. Promote a brand, make sales, offer services, publish blogs, etc.

  • Features. Social media buttons, newsletter sign up, booking feature, content management systems (CMS), etc.

  • Target audience. List down what your target audience needs, and the pain points they might have that your business will solve.

  • Colour. There should be one dominant colour for your brand, 1 to 2 accent colours for the website colour scheme, and one background colour to complete the website design.

Choose a website platform

The choice is usually between a hosted website builder and an open-source WordPress website design.

What is great about WordPress is that it is intended to allow users to code the website themselves, especially if they have decoding skills. And if they don’t, there are numerous WordPress website design South Wales companies have that offer website design.

Customised WordPress website design is also easier done on this platform what with its personalisation potential and greater flexibility.

And if you choose the opposite, there are plenty of WordPress themes and templates to choose from.

Choose the content width

The two major types of content with nowadays or full-width and boxed-width.

The former is when the background image stretches from the left to the right edge of your computer screen. This creates the illusion of no boundaries.

Boxed-width, on the other hand, features visible frames from the left to the right side of the screen. This creates a boxed-in area.

Between the two, full-width is the most popular type of layout because it works well for templates that are mobile responsive and with websites that are graphics heavy.

So, if you aim to use lots of graphics on your web design, full-width is the ideal choice.

Choose the right design for the header

There are several options static header image with or without content, slideshow header without content, and video background header.

The header must create awareness and understanding of what your business is all about. This means you can’t mindlessly pick an option just because it looks nice.

  • Static image header without content is best for: restaurants, hotels, graphics-intensive websites, portfolios, and some physical products.

  • Static image header with content suits all websites and is considered the safest choice.

  • A slideshow header is best for multi-brand businesses and those that cater to different customer types and multiple core services.

  • Moving images or videos in the header are best for explaining your business mission in an engaging way. Used correctly, small businesses can benefit from this type of header.

There are other things that you need to consider for a website design. To ensure you get it right the first time consult with a reliable provider of web design South Wales has.

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