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During the past few years, we have observed a significant growth in the web design industry. Thousands of new trends and tips have been introduced into this industry by web designing pros in order to enhance the productivity of websites. If we talk about the importance of web design, for long it has been connected with the advertising and marketing of services and products. Moreover, web design is also influential in defining the reliability level (according to most of the users) of your company and for boosting your conversion rates as well.

However, there are no specified industry standard guidelines to create a successful website but at Swansea web design agency during work experience, we have found some amazing science-based tips that will for sure help you to rock on you next website project. Below in this article we are highlighting few of those tips, let’s have a look,

Give priority to your site speed

The first tip that plays an important role in boosting conversion, revenue and customer satisfaction is to make your site as fast as possible because if your site will take so long in loading there is a chance to lose plenty of users. In addition, site speed is determined as the factor to decide the ranking of your website by search engines whereas, most of the users rely on search engines to pick the reliable sites and in this process the search results from the first page are mostly considered.

Take advantage of the fold

Fold is considered to be the hot topic in web designing industry and there are different opinions exist about site fold. A research study found that even in year 2018, 57% of users were reported to spend their time above the fold and 74 % of their time was consumed in first two screenfuls.

From the above research result, it can be easily concluded that fold still has an important role. Therefore, you can utilize the fold by arranging the site content in proper flow so that users can continue to end. In addition, by using precise headlines, adding visuals and clearly defining your Call to action (CTA) can be few of best practices to grab the bounties of site fold.

Practice Hick’s Law

According to Hick’s law “the more choices an individual has, the longer they will take to make a decision.” Now the question is how it is important for your website? It is simple, in order to boost your conversion rates limit the number of choices available to the users. Below are the few guidelines to practice this phenomenon,

  • Limit the number of menu items

  • Reduce the number of form fields

  • Display only those social buttons where you active

  • Define one goal per page

Keep your site design simple

A study conducted by Google shows that most of the visitors are not comfortable with visual complexity therefore the more complex would your website design, less it will attract the users. Moreover, make it sure to practice familiar and single column design, which will help the user to clearly focus on the content.

Providing social proof matters

Last but not the least is about providing the counts of social shares, testimonials and media mentions because it is human mentality , if a group of people are agree with something, rest of those more likely to do the same.


However, web designing is a broad as well as complex factor and it significantly influences the productivity level of your website. The tips we discussed above can be practiced to improve effectiveness of your website and increase conversions to mark you success goals. With a hope that the tips we discussed will help you to improve your web designs, stay tuned for more interesting content to be posted.