Local Search Ranking Factors

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Local Search Ranking Factors

When you are a local business, there is one location that is hugely important to you. The front page of search engines and in recent times, the Google three-pack is deemed to be the Holy Grail when it comes to local ranking. Businesses are clamouring for this placement and your knowledge and use of local search ranking factors will determine how successful you are in being ranked.

Do you know what is important with local search ranking factors?

Ranking strongly on Google is crucial, especially with local searches, and many experts believe that Google My Business (GMB) is essential when it comes to being found by your likely customers. This has been backed up by findings from Moz, but common sense suggests that if you’re listed on the front page with further details provided about your business, people will click on a link to your site.

Therefore, you need to engage with Google My Business and keep this information up to date. There is a chance to post regularly directly to your GMB page and of course, Google appreciates fresh and relevant content.

Of course, there is no one sure-fire way to achieve success on the search engines today, and there are other factors to consider when looking to achieve better local search engine rankings.

  • Reviews are vital in persuading people to click the link to your site

  • Backlinks recommending your site are important

  • The on-page layout, design and content of your site can boost your rankings

Other factors to consider in improving your local search engine rankings include citations, a personalised approach and social media activity. There are many aspects to consider when looking to improve your local rankings, and this means you should take a wider approach to ranking.

Ultimately, search engines want to ensure you provide a suitable customer experience and a great website is at the heart of this. Even if you managed to game the rankings and achieved a first-page placement, if people didn’t stay on your site or left poor reviews, your ranking would quickly slide down the pages.

Web design positively impact on local search ranking

Therefore, underpinning all the work you do to achieve positive local search engine rankings, you need to have a dependable website. This means web design is crucial for local businesses, even if you think that an online presence isn’t as crucial as your physical presence. When you have a dependable website that meets the needs of your customers, it sends out the right signals to search engines, and this bolsters the other work you do in improving your local search engine rankings.

As a local firm, it is likely that you know your audience and understands what they are looking for. This is important because this is what search engines like Google and Bing want from the sites they rank. You should find that obtaining local search engine rankings is an extension of doing what you already do to please your customers with the addition of a few extra steps to satisfy the search engines.

It is easy to see why many people become flustered or unsettled when considering local search ranking factors but if you do the right things off and online, it is a much simpler process to achieve better results.